All you need are the 4 Rs

Restore your sense of purpose…Unique Retreats for Women helps you to take the reins of your life.
You give so much to others, Now give something special to yourself!
Women, with or without a man, are you:

  • Contemplating a new career?
  • Facing an empty nest?
  • Considering a relationship change?
  • Seeking menopausal zest?
  • Longing to unearth your “Missing Something”?
  • Wanting time off to think about your life?

Unique Retreats for Women Ready for Change is waiting for you!
This November, take 48 hours in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains just for yourself. Without outside distractions you can discover what you need to know about yourself and your life. This inspiring, restorative retreat features supportive workshops, peaceful horseback rides (no experience necessary) and country hospitality that will invigorate your body and nourish your soul.

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Recapture your dreams…

Unique Retreat Workshops are an opportunity to explore your needs and wants in a supportive environment. Thoughtful group discussions and innovative individual exercises, some of which involve the power and imagery of horses, will help you identify the key questions you need to waken lost dreams, discover your obstacles, envision the next phase of your life, and design the steps to help you fulfill your desires.

Married or single — all women need to take control of their lives. But figuring out what you need is often the biggest problem. So, come discover answers to your questions — and to the questions you don’t even know you have.
Possible topics you might want to explore include:

  • What it means to be getting older
  • How to deepen your friendships and let go of “toxic” friends
  • How to know if you are ready for a career change
  • How to bring more meaning and excitement in your life
  • How to strengthen your self-esteem so you can move ahead professionally
  • How to maintain your identity, separate from your husband or partner
  • How to understand and forgive yourself for your past decisions
  • How to change yourself without causing damage to your marriage
  • How to live as a single woman in a society biased against singles (see below)

This list is just a start! Bring your own challenges and questions

Special Session for Always Single and Single Again Women

Living single in a married world presents unique issues. Therefore, you may choose to participate in this extra workshop. Here are some possible topics you might want to explore:

  • Why you blame yourself for being single
  • How you can be sad about being single…even though most of the time you are content with your life?
  • How annoying it is knowing your mother or friend blame you for being “Too fussy”, “too choosy,” or “not trying hard enough”
  • How not to feel like a 3rd wheel in a world geared towards couples
  • The pros and cons of becoming a mother
  • Discover the worst part of being single — and it is not wondering if you will ever meet a man.


While there are definite differences between being married and single in today’s world, there are many similarities in the obstacles all women face. This weekend will help you find your authentic self as a woman who happens to be married or single … as opposed to the label of your being a married woman or a single woman.

By the end of the 48 hours you will have a confident grip on the reins of the next steps of your life; you will feel focused, peaceful, and empowered – with or without a man –

Reserve your place for the discount price of $395
Or call 301-585-5814 to register by phone.