Why Don’t You Understand?
The World’s First Gender Relationship Dictionary

Everyone knows that men and women are different; the words Mars and Venus have become part of American language to reflect gender differences. Yet, even with this common acceptance and the numerous books about differences between the sexes, couples continue to unintentionally hurt each other.

My research shows that over 60% of relationship problems are a result of couples not being bi-lingual, that is not being fluent in both Male-ese and Female-ese. Knowing there are gender differences does not help couples recognize when they have tripped a gender land-mine or know what they could do differently.

With over 70 terms defined in both languages — Male-ese and Female-ese — couples can become bilingual. This is the first book to translate the different meanings of gender-informed words and phrases, highlighting where couples get stuck, and what you can do to avoid miscommunication. There are examples of a Good Argument, documenting how each person can speak in the other’s language, and opportunities to practice being bilingual.

Why Don’t You Understand? is like having a pocket dictionary and road map while traveling in a foreign country.